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Unmask your skin

Happy Friday! A few weeks ago, we shared our daytime and nighttime skincare routines, so today, we're sharing another evening ritual that helps us unwind and unmask our best skin. That's right, we're talking face masks. And just in time for the weekend. We love to curl up on the couch with a good book or Netflix show and big glass of red wine -- while letting these masks work their magic. Feel the tingle! Keep in mind, we don't do a mask every night. But we love to rotate these out regularly, since each delivers different benefits. One type of mask that we are consistent with (say 2x week) . .. and we recommend that you also be ... is for exfoliating. Our aestheticians at local spas Synergy and Lorena Luca once told us that products like retinol penetrate best when you're diligent about exfoliating. If you're not removing that dead layer of skin cells, you're wasting your time and money with anti-aging products! #WordsofWisdom

Here are some of our favorites that we recommend you try. And because we're all about that #cleanbeauty life, these are ALL natural and a-okay to put on your body.


Natalie & Ashley

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