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A Christmas to remember (thanks to Bailey's)

In 1984, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers sang, "You've made this a Christmas to remember / Springtime feelings in the middle of December." Simple, yet iconic. Fast forward to 2020, and in a year that's made absolutely no sense, these lyrics seem to make more sense than ever before. Yes, they're synonymous with the longtime collaborators ... but they also remind us that it's really all about our family and friends, our time spent together, our memories.

Call me sentimental, but I love a good backstory. Ask us how our parents met -- it will make a believer out of anyone who doesn't believe in love at first sight. Or how our newest pup Winnie found her way from Havana, Kansas to our family. A good backstory spans generations ... like a really good bottle of wine, it only gets better with time! And even more so when it's not wine, but yes, jewelry!

Enter Bailey's Fine Jewelry's newest collections: the Icon, the Heritage and the Goldmark. Three jewelry collections curated specifically for you.

All three lines are stunning; however, their backstories makes them even more memorable, more personal, more relatable. All three jewelry collections are an outgrowth of their family's (and company's) history -- a legacy that's thoughtfully woven into each and every piece.

  • The Icon collection is inspired by Bailey's founder (and icon) Mama Ann. It's comprised of timeless pieces "to take you through the different seasons of your life." Tried and true, mix-n-match, perfect for those who are just starting their jewelry wardrobe and those who are looking to "layer in some freshness."

  • The Heritage collection honors Bailey's legacy with the hope of "helping women tell her own story" through casual, everyday pieces. This line is traditional and evokes nostalgia -- the pieces are also engravable and designed to be passed down among generations.

  • Their newest collection, the Goldmark is "reminiscent of Bailey’s start as a record shop and the rebellious rock-n-roll music that grooved throughout the store." Fun fact: It's also named after Peter Goldmark who invited the LP record. Think of these as statement pieces (hello, rainbow sapphire bracelet!) designed to be mixed in with your classics, creating a fun look and feel.

Together, these collections are aimed at helping every woman express her individuality and style with high-quality but also accessible jewelry. From huggie hoop earrings and signet rings to pendant necklaces and pave cuffs, there is something for everyone, for every occasion! Once again, it was impossible to pick one standout piece, so we're sharing some favorites from our visit:

It's true: Every woman wants a Bailey box. And with their newest collections, it's the perfect time to stop by their stores in Raleigh, Rocky Mount and Greenville (or shop online!) for all your holiday shopping. But while the pieces are stunning (Dear Santa, we'll take 1 of each, please!), the truth is every woman wants a Bailey box to help make it "a Christmas to remember." But not because of the glitz and glamour. Because a Bailey box creates a timeless memory, a backstory to be shared for years to come as that piece is passed down among generations. This has been true for our family, and we hope it inspires you to create your own Bailey box memories with the Icon, Heritage and Goldmark collections!


Natalie & Ashley

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