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All about that Sun(dry)

Happy Wednesday! We are halfway to a (long) holiday weekend ... can I get an AMEN?! For whatever reason, I was suffering from a case of the "the mean reds" yesterday. Terrible, I know. Maybe it was being stuck inside on the sunniest of days; maybe it was catching up on one too many work emails; maybe it was my inner Charlotte York -- "I've been dating since I was 15. I'm exhausted. Where is he?!" We shall never know.

Anyway, the scorching heat broke by happy hour, and one of my favorite spots, Vita Vite, was calling my name. Wine + cheese ... yes, please! Because an outfit change, fresh makeup and spritz of perfume does the mind and body (and soul) good, I threw on my new(ish) midi dress from Sundry. When I saw her on the rack at Monkee's of Raleigh, it was love at first sight. Now, let's be clear: My fashion sense is not bohemian ... or rather I'm not hip enough to dress bohemian. But this dress. This is the most comfortable, versatile and cool piece that every girl needs in her closet. Truth: Sienna Miller circa early 2000s was everything I aspired to be and more. Jude Law. Check. Blonde waves. Check. Cowboy booties. Check. Bohemian chic. Check Check.

So for whatever reason, when I step into this Sundry dress, I feel my version of bohemian chic ... which is exactly as it should be! The subtle pattern and color means you can have fun accessorizing, but last night, I threw on my tried and true Twine & Twig collar necklace for some extra flare. Neutral sandals, a straw bag, and bangles ... lots of bangles ... completed the look. Sienna would be proud.

The price point for this dress is reasonable, and while I've rocked it a few times in the last few weeks, I have a feeling (cue The Black Eyed Peas) it will be in constant rotation for months to come. Calm, cool and collected. Okay, maybe not calm ... or collected ... but definitely cool. Cool, is how I'll be feeling (literally and figuratively) all summer long in this piece.


Natalie & Ashley

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