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Everyday makeup routine

Is it just me or does this work week seem to be dragggging on?! They say nothing ruins your Friday like realizing it's only Thursday. #Truth

We recently stopped in one of our favorite local boutiques, Aillea, to replenish some beauty staples, and it got us thinking about sharing our everyday makeup routine. We covered our daytime and nighttime skincare routines, but we haven't shared what we put on our faces after prepping and priming! Like everyone, we're busy ladies juggling work, family, health and other responsibilities. So when it comes to our everyday make-up, we have one strategy: K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid.

A little background: Last spring, I developed a very sudden (and reoccurring) reaction that left my eyes red, itchy, watery and puffy. At the suggestion of my eye doctor, I finally made the decision to clean up my beauty routine. While I've been using safer sunscreen for years (another allergy), I couldn't bring myself to change up my tried and true beauty products. What can I say except I'm a creature of habit?! Or the heart wants what it wants?!

It took some time to experiment with different products and find what worked for me. Different strokes for different folks, y'all. A year later, and my make-up drawer is nearing its full transition to "clean." I have a few items that need swapped, but I'm still working to find their substitutes! #FixedIncome For those looking to clean up their routines, I can tell you these products work as well, or better, as the ones I used for years ... minus the toxic chemicals. HOORAY!

This routine takes less than 10 minutes. (15 on the rare days that I apply eye makeup.) If you're looking for a sheer lip, we love Beautycounter and ILIA. I also like to layer Beautycounter's "Petal" with my Vapour gloss for a pop of color + volume. And for those days that I rock shadow and liner, I recommend a primer to prevent creasing. (And dab a little shadow to make sure it's extra set.) The Suntegrity tinted moisturizer replaced my Laura Mercier, and while I love a more dewy look, I realize not everyone does. If it's not your thang, no worries! Just dap a little powder to tone it down.

With stores like Sephora, Aillea, Blue Mercury, Dermstore, The Detox Market and Credo Beauty expanding their selections of clean skincare and makeup, there are more options than ever to sample, shop and save!


Natalie & Ashley

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