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Layer it up!

It's no secret that North Carolina's Twine and Twig is one of our favorite jewelry brands. It is such a unique line made by two sisters out of Charlotte. Yay for sisters! Their pieces are incredibly well-made, fun to wear and layer!

We‘ve been collecting their pieces for years and always love expanding our collection. When we say you can never have too much Twine and Twig, it's true ... you can't. We just love adding new pieces each season and trying new layer combinations. They have different collections available (including their classic styles) but also debut a new one each season, which we love. Have you checked out their newest line, The Rainbow Collection? We’re obsessed and LOVE the bright colors for spring.

Like the Sheetz TV commcerical, we want it all. But we rounded up some of favorite pieces to help you pick the perfect piece (or pieces). The hard part is deciding. Decisions, decisions ... happy shopping friends!


Natalie & Ashley

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