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The last straw

It's time to lighten up! It's time to swap that black leather crossbody for something light and airy to match tie-dye tops and white cropped jeans. It's been real, our beloved Gucci disco, but we'll see you in the fall ... over and out!

Enter the straw bag. Like the LBD, these bags come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. You can rock them with 9-to-5 attire, cocktail dresses and weekend wear. They are a fun, versatile accessory, and this season, we're thrilled to see tons of options at different price points. When picking out ones to add to our closets, we tend to gravitate toward either classic or geometric styles. Natalie is eyeing this beauty, and I have my heart set on this tote. Who else is counting down 'til the next paycheck?!

To help you find the perfect bag, we've picked some favorites below. You can't go wrong with any of these. Another bonus: Straw bags are neutral. So whether you spend $350 or $35 (LOVE this and this!), they'll complement your entire spring/summer wardrobe. That's what we're talking 'bout!


Natalie & Ashley

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