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Hat attack

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Today marks the first official day of spring ... so in the fashion world, that means we'll start looking ahead to fall and winter trends. Scary! Don't get us wrong. While we love our #PSL, ankle booties and chunky scarves, we are warm weather girls through and through. It's true what they say: People in the South have thinner blood. Real thin.

Springtime in NC is gorgeous. Think bright blue skies, vibrant flowers, a slight breeze. It doesn't last long, though; I swear you blink (probably to rid the pollen from your watering eyes), and it's summer. And then scorching temperatures and the blazing sun arrive, driving all of Raleigh to the beach or pool until Labor Day.

For us, one of the most important accessories this time of year is an oversized hat. We wear sunscreen year round, but during spring and summer, we take extra care to shield our faces from added sun exposure. Keeping wrinkles and dark spots at bay is easier (and cheaper) than having to reverse damage in the future. Plus, who doesn't look chic in an oversized hat and dark sunnies?! We LOVE an opportunity to channel our inner Audrey Hepburn.

There are tons of great hat options, so we rounded up our favorites below. Natalie took the plunge many years ago and purchased #1 at a local boutique. It's timeless and well-made, lasting year after year. I added #5 to my closet last summer, and it's the best investment I made. This hat sold out quickly, but luckily Tuckernuck is carrying the same style (and a few other Lola Hats) this season. Hurry, because there are only a few left in stock!


Natalie & Ashley

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